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Welcome to VilkasGroup.NET

If you are here you must be looking for someone to solve your technical problems.?.

You are in the right place!


You might be looking for a new system or you have a system, but it does not provide everything what you need and it is hard to get any support from your current solution provider...

we are here to listen, assess and suggest the best solution to your needs, whether it is our complete system or a module that connects to your existing system and expands its capabilities or a system from some other or existing provider.


Your business is precious to  you and you are cautious to invite someone who brings "hammer" or "axe" and starts chopping and hammering what has been working before. You don't want to loose any of your data, have significant downtimes nor waste to make improvements...

we are proud of the level of our professionalism and experience collected over the years in manufacturing process automation, business efficiency improvements, automation of financial procedures and reporting, research and development.

We are here not to judge others, but to provide services and solutions that best fit your needs.


You might have concerns about what happens after all is done.?.. and it is a valid concern! How much do you know about VilkasGroup.NET.?..

We are interested in your business growth therefore we will do our best to keep our solutions up-to-date and effective for your business through our support and improvement programs.

We are here to stay and continue to assist you with your needs.